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Four Great Projects That Can Put Money in Your Bank Account

Four Great Cricut Projects That Can Put Money in Your Bank Account

Author: Dawn Hall

1. Diaper Cakes

If you don't know what a diaper cake is, basically it is a popular baby shower centerpiece or gift, where the diapers are rolled up and secured, then arranged in such a way that they form a tiered cake. They are a very popular gift, but many people simply do not have the crafty skills nor time to create them, so others have made it their "business" creating diaper cakes. One of the most inexpensive ways to embellish the cakes is using Cricut cutouts. It is far cheaper to use die cuts to embellish diaper cakes, than to purchase stuffed animals, rattles, pacifiers, and other goodies that others typically use to decorate their creations.

2. Personalized Kids' Art

Personalized kids' art is a big business for crafters. Whether you use a mat and frame to showcase the die cuts, or decoupage the cutouts to a plaque, this is one of the easiest Cricut projects to not only create, but also to sell. Boost your earnings by making the art functional. For example, turn a personalized plaque into a coat hanger by adding pegs. Easy and fun!

3. Custom Cards and Invitations

If card making is your paper crafting specialty, why not make it your business! Considering how expensive store bought cards are, selling handmade cards can be quite lucrative. You would be surprised at the number of people willing to buy custom handmade invitations, birthday cards, and more.

4. Scrapbook Layouts

Just like custom made cards, there is a strong market for scrapbook page layouts. If scrapbooking is your thing, turn it into a working gig. Using a machine to make die cuts for your layouts will significantly reduce both your expenses and time to produce these layouts, resulting in a better profit margin.

That's just four of the many Cricut projects you can start doing today to earn money. I'm sure you can think of more on your own. Don't be surprised to find that you are soon profiting from your favorite hobby!

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Cricut Ideas Using Vinyl

This is a great video showcasing the many projects you can do using your Cricut and vinyl!
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Cricut Expression Ideas

Cricut Expression Ideas
By []Stephen Di

Having trouble coming up with your next scrapbooking project idea? Today, there are thousands and thousands of Cricut Expression Ideas to choose from. Whether you are looking for custom made shapes and designs or delicately made crafts and decorations, the Expressions cutting machine can provide you with what you need. Opening the doors to almost any scrapbooking and art making ventures with the latest innovations in as fast as 10 minutes, these die cutting machines are truly a scrappers best friend. You save time and energy while at the same time you get a unique and distinct Cricut idea for you own personal use.

The Cricut Expression machine is made specifically to fulfill the cravings of paper craft fanatics, young and old alike. Whether it is about classic designs or modern day art craft ideas, this machine can cope up with whatever are the needs and preferences of its owner. If you have run out of art and decoration ideas, then the Expressions machine will provide you with the ideas that you need in a flash. All you have to do is to push the create design button and in just seconds you will have your very own project idea exclusively for you own utilization.

With your very own Expression machine, you will have virtually an unlimited amount of different kinds of detailed designs, art crafts and custom made words. Even bigger projects and different kinds of paper stock are available to you with this newer more powerful cutting machine. Whatever your personal tastes and liking are, this amazing little cutting bug will surely be able to give you not just what you need but what you want. Do not stress yourself with thinking of new ideas on what to make on your new arts and crafts helper. Let the Cricut Expression machine with its virtually unlimited potential for amazing scrapbooking ideas do the designing for you.

Learn more about []Cricut Expression Machines at the We have indepth []Cricut Machine reviews and project ideas for you and all your scrappy friends!

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My Cricut Expression Arrived!!

Hi everyone! I am new to this whole Cricut madness and decided I would just jump right in and join the rest of the creative world to see what all the fuss is about. My insomnia has allowed me the opportunity to watch several of the Cricut infomercials over and over again. Scrapbooking has never looked like so much fun! I knew it was a great product but the price tag always held me back. Then, a flicker of hope! What if I could make money with this new machine? My husband would be so proud!!! I decided to start blogging so the rest of the world could join me for what is going to be a great journey. I will be learning along with the rest of you newbies and hopefully gaining advice from the pros out there. I hope this will become a place where people can come for inspiration. If you are also interested in how to make money with your Cricut machine...stay tuned. I have tons of fantastic ideas and will be trying each and every one out. I will also try selling my goods online and locally and keep you updated as to how it is going. Let's have fun together!

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